Padi sa Morong

Here at Padi, we promise you more than beautiful sunsets, breathtaking scenery and comfortable accommodations.

Peace and quiet is what you get when you stay here at Padi. We understand that you need total privacy in order to have a great vacation. This secluded beachfront property is built specifically to give you the luxury of a serene, relaxing vacation that you truly deserve.

Padi is perfect for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. We provide you respite from crowded beaches, busy hotels and pulsating nightlife. Facing the calm waters of the South China Sea, this sprawling beach house with its well-appointed bedrooms, large living areas and private pool is entirely at your disposal.

Stay here at Padi and explore the untouched beauty of Morong. We guarantee an entirely different Bataan experience.


For reservation and booking inquiries,

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Or call:
Mr. Vince Diaz
Tel. Nos.: 7144344 / 7145526

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